Pre-Master (Qualifying year)

Clinical pathology, Immunology, molecular biology, epidemiology and Parasitology

Master Degrees (By Research)

  • MSc. Immunology
  • MSc. Molecular Biology

PhD. Degrees (By research)

  • PhD. Immunology
  • PhD. Molecular Biology

MD degrees

  • Immunology
  • Molecular Biology

Degrees by Courses

Diploma/Masters Degree in Molecular Medicine


This degree in Molecular Medicine sets out to provide applicants with a thorough understanding of:

  • The human genome at a molecular level.
  • The integration of molecular and cellular biology in relation to human diseases.
  • The molecular basis of human genetic disease.
  • The molecular interactions between microbiological pathogens and the human host.
  • The technology currently employed in molecular genetics and cell biology.
  • The interaction between such technology and current clinical practice.
  • The molecular basis of common human malignancies.
  • The utilisation of knowledge on the molecular basis of human disease in planning and design of novel therapies, using phamacological agents or gene therapy.
  • The ethical and legal aspects of molecular medicine as it impinge on clinical practice.
  • A working appreciation of molecular and cellular biology at the practical level and development of the ability to perform independent research.
  • The ability to apply bioinformatic and computational techniques in medical and biological research, and information retrieval